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You, I, and all our patients vary…not only in coat color or weight but also how much our clinical pathology blood test results vary when we’re healthy!

These differences between us mean that by using our traditional, old-fashioned population-based reference intervals,  we are missing diagnoses for many analytes for many of our patients, without even realizing.

A creatinine concentration may be well within the population reference interval range but may actually represent an elevation for an individual patient.  On the other hand, a result may LOOK high but be entirely normal for another individual.

Managing our patients as individuals changes our diagnoses and therapeutic plans!



The current, best practice of individualized  and evidence-based laboratory medicine is now available for our veterinary patients, and it’s easier than you might expect!

CustomClinPath works with your practice management program (or laboratory information management system for the lab version) to use updated approaches to diagnosis of disease in animals. Using knowledge of homeostasis, physiological and analytical variation, reference intervals are customized individually for every single patient!

Individualized reference intervals are determined from the mean of prior results for each patient using as few as 1-3 analyses together with the known amount of physiological fluctuation (also known as biological variation) of each analyte.

For each patient you can now determine reference intervals for routine assays based on their physiology and the laboratory instruments you use. The CustomClinPath add-on will help you manage your laboratory data for each patient, calculate the individualized reference intervals for routine tests and identify results that vary from normal for that patient specifically.  You get better information, your patient gets better care, and we do the hard work for you.