The world of individualized and evidence-based laboratory medicine is now available for our veterinary patients!

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works with your practice management program (or LIMS for the lab version) and creates individually customized reference intervals for every single patient!

What is the need for individualized reference intervals?

Traditional 95% population-based reference intervals may misclassify some patients as normal and others as abnormal because current science shows that, for the vast majority of lab tests, individual patients have a much narrower normal range than the more generalized population-based reference interval.

How are individualized reference intervals calculated?

Individualized reference intervals are determined from the mean of prior results for each patient using as few as 1-3 analyses together with the known amount of physiological fluctuation (also known as biological variation) of each analyte.

How does CustomClinPath work?

For each patient you can now determine reference intervals for routine assays based on their physiology and the laboratory instruments used. The CustomClinPath add-on will help you manage your laboratory data for each patient and calculate the individualized reference intervals for routine tests and identify results that vary from normal for that patient specifically.

You get better information, your patient gets better care, and we do the hard work for you.